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We’re launching Tor at the end of the year and we’re looking for quality distributors to add to our map. If you’re a distributor who’s interested in adding a strong, innovative, service focused brand to your fold, email us. We want to hear from you! 

We live to pimp your ride

We started Tor because we had a burning desire to make bad ass parts. Just like you, we grew up riding and imagining a million ways to make our bikes lighter, faster, and stronger. Now, after years in the bike industry, we’re cutting our own path and making the innovative products we always dreamed of.


Constant Development

Although we are launching Tor with a fairly small line of cockpit products, we have a full line of pedals, wheels, and more in development. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, on our site for updates. More…

Need service, replacement parts, or a warranty?

As we launch each product, we will provide assembly and service info, stock the necessary small parts, and bee prepared to replace your product if it fails to function as intented. Need some help with your Tor part?