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Devil's in the details

Sure, Tor parts have spectacular specs and well thought out design, but it’s the little details that truly make our products special. As you look through our products you’ll see what we mean.

Asymmetrical 37mm wide carbon rims with ultra-high 150pt engagement straight pull hubs


Introducing Tor Weiland

The name is just a happy coincidence. Tor races downhill, enduro, and is a hell of a dirt jumper. Get to know Tor a little better in this 50′ road gap vidio.

TRZ Handlebars | 6061 T-6 Aluminum | Butted for strength | Starting at 340g




adjective: visceral

relating to the viscera “the visceral nervous system”

relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect.

“the boy had a visceral attraction to fire”

Be sure to check out our stainless steel tools

We have two multi-tools, a 6-piece and an 8-piece, that come with a synthetic leather sleeve, as well as a set of carbon friendly stainless tire irons. Be ready for anything while you’re out on the trail!