The Tor race team is on course and putting our products through their paces as we continue to develop and refine every detail of our wheels, pedals, bars, and stems.

RACE TEAM: Samantha Porras, Josh Elliott, Alejandro Seri, and

KASH STEELE > Snow Valley, Round 3

Top of the box with the fastest time of the day



take a ride with Kyle

Kyle Surkovich is a dirt jumper, downhiller, and freerider who builds bike parks and coaches younger riders. He’s been with Tor for a since the beginning and he’s a lot of fun to watch.  @mtbkyle (@canyon_na @tor.cycling  @rock_tarp @truckeebikepark @auburnbikepark).

Here’s a vid from a  while back

Inside Josh Elliott's Santa Cruz V10

We’ll take you on a little tour of this beast and show you the ins and outs.

TRZ Handlebars | 6061 T-6 Aluminum | Butted for strength | Starting at 340g




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We have two multi-tools, a 6-piece and an 8-piece, that come with a synthetic leather sleeve, as well as a set of carbon friendly stainless tire irons. Be ready for anything while you’re out on the trail!