TOR is a bicycle technology brand created by a small group of riders, designers, and product managers who have been in the bicycle industry for decades. We’ve all worked for a number of the larger brands in the industry, designing and marketing products that you’re probably familiar with. A passion for art, design, and riding has brought us together and inspired us to create TOR. 

     Together with a handful of factories and machine shops, we’ve put together the products, branding, and resources to create the company we’ve always imagined. Innovation and development is at the heart and soul of our products. These components were created and developed by combining a very focused design philosophy with the latest technology. Our advanced development process allows us to create polished, refined products that are generations beyond of our original concepts.

Look through our site, check out our products, and see what we’ve been up to. You can also check out these articles to hear what Pinkbike and Bike Rumor had to say – Bike Rumor Article, Pinkbike Article, Pinkbike Video


The first little bit of tech that we're bringing to market is our constrictor system. We use it on our stems and dropper seat clamps, but it's just the start. We have lots more coming like our self-extracting pedal bushings, high engagement hubs, and sub-300g mechanical dropper post just for starters.


Our simple and effective constrictor compressions system is light, effortless to tighten, and incredibly secure. The key is the wedge interface. The sidebolt does not pinch the steertube, it pushes the wedges back. The wedges cover a large surface area which creates even more squeezing power than a traditional stem.

Simple. Clean. Effective.

Check out the image to the right. Red indcates the location and intensity of pressure.



noun: efficiency

The ratio of the useful work performed by a machine or in a process to the total energy expended or heat taken in. The quality or state of being efficient; competence; effectiveness

We live to pimp your ride

We started Tor because we had a burning desire to make bad ass parts. Just like you, we grew up riding and imagining a million ways to make our bikes lighter, faster, and stronger. Now, after years in the bike industry, we’re cutting our own path and making the innovative products we always dreamed of.


Although we are launching Tor with a fairly small line of cockpit products, we have a full line of pedals, wheels (hubs, rims, nipples), headsets, and tools development. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and on our site for updates. Scroll through the gallery or visit The Latest…

Dealers? Distributors? We're looking for you.

 We are currently setting up global distribution and finalizing details for our launch at the end of this year. If you are a shop or distributor and you are interested in Tor, click the link below to contact us.