Attention to detail

Every Tor product has been rigorously tested, refined, and polished, from the length and thread pitch of each bolt, material selection, even CNC tool paths during the machining process. These parts don’t just look exceptional, they are exceptional.

Innovation you can feel.

We started Tor because we had a burning desire to make bad ass parts. Just like you, we grew up riding and imagining a million ways to make our bikes lighter, faster, and stronger. Now, after years in the bike industry, we’re cutting our own path and making the innovative products we always dreamed of.




Although we are launching Tor with a fairly small line of cockpit products, we have a full line of pedals, wheels (hubs, rims, nipples), headsets, and tools development. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and on our site for updates. Scroll through the gallery or visit The Latest…



noun: minimalism

a movement in art in which only the simplest design, structure, forms, etc. are used, often repetitiously, and the artist’s individuality is minimized to create a clean, simple, but impactful look







The anglular wedge system squeezes instead of pinching to protect your steer tube and dropper post.

Need service, replacement parts, or a warranty?

As we launch each product, we will provide assembly and service info, stock the necessary small parts, and be prepared to replace your product if it fails to function as intented. Need some help with your Tor part?