7075 Aluminum | Titanium | Cerakote

These 7075 Al stems use a constrictor system. The two wedges push back into the steer tube, grabbing it nearly all the way around rather than just pinching at the bolt. This not only more secure, it allows for an even lighter overall weight. It fits 35mm diameter handlebars and comes in two lengths – 42 & 50mm. Available in custom Cerakote colors – SEE CERAKOTE COLOR SWATCHES

  • Constrictor system pinches AND wedges for full squeeze
  • Flip it for a 10mm lower stack height
  • 35mm Bars / 42 & 50mm Reach / 139 & 161g

$200.00 USD



CHOOSE YOUR CUSTOM COLORS – We have 18 stock Cerakote colors or you can select PICK MY OWN COLOR and we will contact you to match any color you want. – SEE COLOR CHART

Custom Color Chart

These are our custom color options. If you want something that we don’t have here, just let us know and we can quote you. If you want some inspiration, check out our friends at Daylight – www.daylightcycles.com/finishes/


Choose your bolt color

That’s right, all of the Teknika products come stock with gold titanium hardware, but you can customize your’s with purple, blue, gold, black, or raw silver electro coated titanium bolts. Time to have some fun!

Teknika Development

The Teknika products (1) start with a premise and concept; either something patently different or a twist on something that hasn’t been taken as far as it can go. Then (2) we spend a lot of time working this out virtually in Shapr3D which is a fantastic industrial design program that fully integrates with Solidworks and CAD/CAM software. Once we have something we believe is a solid concept, we (3) 3D print it in carbon composite with our Markforged Mark II printer. The print isn’t quite strong enough to ride, but we can mount it to a bike and check fit and function. From there, (4) we go to CNC machined samples to ride test. Changes and iterations are done throughout the process. Once we settle on a finished design, we (5) create final samples that go through a full run of industry standard testing.

Here are some images of the development of the cranks. Click here to see a video of a carbon 3D print